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Climb harder than you ever have, in just 6 weeks!

It's possible with Mountain Strong. Here's how it works:

  • Focused training from professional climbers who are also full-time trainers (hint: 10,000 hours of coaching each means they know what works! Be trained by the best!)
  • Train hard with and meet more like-minded climbers 
  • The program is designed to rest after climbing on weekends, train hard in the middle of the week, and rest going into another climbing weekend
  • Learn how to train yourself, injury prevention, recovery methods, weightlifting, and tactical approaches to sending your projects. This training camp is for athletes with training experience already
  • Make every session valuable, don't worry about what you need to be doing, we'll guide you through each workout
  • Workouts are every Tuesday & Thursday from 7-8pm, March 10th to April 6th. 124 sessions for just $199 ($8.59/session, 12 climbing + 12 yoga) 

Hear what past clients have said...we didnt even bribe them to say this...

"The climbing boot camp at Mountain Strong has helped me identify weaknesses in my climbing and my approach to climbing. Not only have I become more aware of my blind spots, Matt and Jamie have given me many useful tools to work on in order to become a stronger, more well rounded climber. "

C.H., age 27, climbing for 9 years 

“Since I started training at Mountain Strong I've been able to do things I never thought I would or could. Hard sport routes to multipitch adventures, I see climbing very differently now. I've even expanded into sky diving and becomming a pilot now that I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. The training makes you strong and confident in all aspects of life!”

A.M., age 31, climbing for 6 years 

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6 Week Climbing Training Camp