1st annual Barbells & Boulders Competition

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The details

Weightlifting Comp Details

A 10 Minute Clean Ladder. We will set up a series of ascending weight barbells. Working for a total of 10 minutes, athletes will start on the lightest bar and attempt to clean each barbell in order of weight. EIther power cleans or squat cleans will be accepted. You may only move on to the next heavier barbell after the prior has been correctly completed. You have unlimited attempts at each weight for the 10 minutes. This is also known as a "ladder". Your score will be based on your best lift as compared to your body weight. Check back for men’s and women’s weight details. Open to all abilities! 

Climbing Comp Details

 Our experienced route setters will set a series of unique competition boulder problems on our World Cup style wall. Each move on each individual boulder problem will get progressively harder, and each problem will build in complexity. Climbers will earn points for every handhold they control. Your score will be based on your highest point achieved on all boulders. Athletes will have unlimited attempts to secure a high point! Open to all abilities...beginers to pros!  

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When and Where

February 16th 2019 from 10am-2pm Mountain Strong Denver 5280 Broadway Denver, CO 80216  

Prizes: Prizes for top finishers in both comps for male and female!  

Cost: $25 entry fee - includes a t-shirt and libations!  

10:00AM Doors open 10:30AM Athletes can start lifting and climbing.  

Climbers can try at their own pace until the end of climbing at 1:30PM. Lifters can start their 10 minutes any time they are ready. 1:30PM All climbing and lifting complete 2:00PM Award ceremony  

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